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About Us
Who We Are

The purpose of Heart of America Corvair Owners Association (HACOA) is the preservation and restoration of all the Corvair vehicles produced by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors between the years 1960-1969.

We strive to bring together in a social organization all persons who are interested in our common goal.

For this reason we accept those persons who own and/or operate a Corvair, Corvair bodied or Corvair powered automobiles, as well as those individuals who have an interest in becoming a Corvair owner.

Our History

Heart of America Corvair Owners Association (HACOA) was formed by four Corvair Enthusiasts in the spring of 1964. The Club was incorporated in April of that year and has been in continuous existence since that time, thus allowing HACOA to claim the title of the  "Oldest, Incorporated, continuously active, Marque Corvair Club in the Country."

The original goal of the club was to promote the car as a competition sports machine. For this reason, the early club events centered on Rallies and Gymkhana events.

In the Greater Kansas City area, HACOA has enjoyed a very active membership throughout the years with an average membership of about 40 families. HACOA has hosted many activities including a Corvair Society of America (CORSA) sanctioned regional convention, the 1982 Vair Trek; club 20th Anniversary Celebration in 1984, the CORSA International convention in 1989 and the clubs 40th Anniversary held in 2004.

HACOA also expanded activities to include Concours, Car Shows, Parades and Caravan Tours. As a result, our membership is currently about 90 families that own over 250 Corvairs of all years and styles.

The club is a marque, in that the membership is limited to those who own a Corvair and/or share in our passion.


The club has a monthly business meeting, a newsletter and social events scattered throughout the year. Tech Tips and Tech sessions are held to assist in restoration.

Many members enjoy showing their cars at local car shows, and CORSA sanctioned Concours events.  We also have members who enjoy racing their cars in autocross and time trial events.

 Each year HACOA members enjoy an awards banquet, a Christmas Party and an installation of club Officers.

The VairCor is the official publication of HACOA. It is published and distributed (via USPS or e-mail) to all members each month and contains articles by and about the members, as well as tech tips, car and parts ads, notices and reports on past and future events, and any other Corvair related items.

The deadline is the 20th of the month and members can expect to receive their copies on or about the first of the next month. Ads are free to all dues paying members.

Membership Information

Membershipicon is available by contacting HACOA at: 16001 Oakland Ave Belton, MO 64012 or via Email.

You can view our By Laws HEREicon .

Corvair Society of America

The Corvair Society of America (CORSA) founded in 1969, is the international parent organization to which HACOA belongs. Full membership in HACOA is only available to those persons who join CORSA as well.

CORSA divides the country into an Eastern, Central and Western divisions with regional directors covering Concours, Chapters, Competition and Technical Tips.

An excellent monthly publication the, CORSA COMMUNIQUE is sent to all current members. This professional magazine with its articles, tips, car and parts ads and chapter news is well worth the CORSA yearly dues by itself.

A yearly convention is held in alternating regions of the country with regional sanctioned conventions for those who cannot make the nation or who want a fuller opportunity to "See the USA in your Chevrolet" (Corvair of course).

CORSA is international in scope with current members in Canada, Iceland, Sweden and many other countries.

For information regarding CORSA membership, see the CORSA website.